Fingers snaps for Wendy Davis



Tonight, ladies, as you go home after a hard day at work, I urge you to swallow your complaints. Whether you sat on your ass in an air-conditioned office dealing with a monster of a boss or you stood on your feet all morning serving ungrateful customers, let's think about Texas senator Wendy Davis, who truly inspired the nation last night. Her 11-hour filibuster helped derail the passing of a ridiculous anti-abortion-rights bill.

From the Washington Post:

Davis was on her feet for more than 12 hours Tuesday - actively speaking most of that time - as Democrats sought to use her one-woman marathon speech to derail a bill that would have closed nearly every abortion clinic in the nation's second most populous state.

Here's to hoping someone gave her a foot massage when she got home last night. She deserves it.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina ...

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