Jesse & Joy at the Neighborhood Theatre tonight (6/7/13)



Jesse & Joy

Cheerful and poised, pop en Español brother-and-sister act Jesse & Joy follow in the footsteps of previous showbiz siblings like The Jackson 5 and Hanson, which is to say they're a lot better than they need to be. Influenced by the disparate musical tastes of their Mexican father and American mother, Jesse & Joy sing primarily in Spanish, crafting vaguely alt-soft rock that draws as much from Mexican bolero king Pedro Infante and mariachi as '70s singer-songwriters James Taylor and Carole King. Their wholesome, energetic folk-tinged tunes and Joy's dulcet-yet-earthy Kelly Clarkson-styled vocals have earned the duo five Latin Grammys and scores of hit singles. Yet, quirky surprises like the swinging jazz-pop of "Gotitas de Amor," the '90s grunge-lite of "Llegaste Tu," plus shadings of Andean folk music and '80s New Wave indicate that the cross-cultural tension underlying Jesse & Joy's sincere and rootsy pop-rock may give the siblings a shot at enduring appeal. Though their experiments don't stray too far from their self-imposed Latin Americana template, Jesse & Joy are more tuneful, edgy and inspired than the narcoleptic country-tinged popsters like James Blunt that they're often compared to. With La Santa Cecilia. $30-$60. June 7, 8 p.m. Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St. 704-942-7997.

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