Who should play Hillary Clinton in new movie?


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So apparently there are plans for a new biopic of Hillary Clinton's life in the 1970s. Rodham will focus on the former first lady, U.S. Senator and secretary of state's career as a young lawyer on the House Judiciary Committee's staff during the Watergate scandal.


The film is reported to be aimed at Clinton's expected 2016 presidential campaign, and will be scripted by Young Il Kim (no relation to the late Kim Jong Il of North Korea, although you know conservatives will have a field day with it).

Our question to you: Who should play Hillary? Below are six actors who could do the job. Tell us which you think would be best to play a young up-and-coming attoryney/Bill Clinton's "love interest" in our comments section below, or choose a different person for the job. We'll pass along your votes to the producers of the film.

1. Emma Stone
2. Amy Poehler
3. Jessica Chastain
4. Kristen Wiig
5. Emma Watson
6. Jennifer Lawrence


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