Live review: Lake Street Dive, Evening Muse (4/12/2013)



Lake Street Dive
Evening Muse
April 12, 2013


Two years ago, Lake Street Dive performed at the Evening Muse and just about the only people there were the NoDa club's staff and other bands who were scheduled to play that night. Fast forward to last Friday when handfuls of people were being turned away at the door from a sold-out concert. Oh, what a difference two years makes.

While it's difficult to pinpoint what sparked all the buzz - a feature on NPR? a charming YouTubed cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back"? - you can rest assured the band will need a larger venue the next time around.

Lake Street Dive's jazz/folk/pop blend might be relegated to a sleeping aid section of the music canon if not for the band's technical prowess - all four were students of the New England Conservatory - and fun demeanor.

Drummer Mike Calabrese knows how to keep the drums at bay, bassist Bridget Kearney can solo when needed or just set the groove low and guitarist/trumpeter Mike "McDuck" Olson keeps the songs moving. It's a nice balance that doesn't need flash because the band does everything else really well.


Singer Rachael Price lets her vocals handle the weight, but she's quick with banter and a shimmy and shake to lighten the mood. Songs about upstairs neighbors having sex and being hit on by someone wearing a wedding ring continue to make sure the audience is enjoying the night. (Yes, McDuck does actually have his own fan page.)

Price's vocals have range, strength and sass. It's not easy to find a musical combination that hits the notes between soul and jazz. However, Lake Street Dive is right on the mark.

When they cover George Michael's "Faith" or the previously mentioned "I Want You Back," they not only put their own stamp on it, but redefine it. With slow swing of the Jackson 5 tune, one crowd member summed it up best - "Take your time with it!" he yelled. Yes, sir, just sit back and enjoy.

You Go Down Smooth
Miss Disregard
Be Cool
Neighbor Song
Bad Self Portraits
Don't Make Me
Just Ask
Clear a Space
Use Me Up
What About Me
Let Me Roll It
Hello Goodbye
Stop Your Crying

I Want You Back

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