Lake Street Dive playing Evening Muse tonight (4/12/13)



Lake Street Dive

Brassy, sassy and soulful as Sharon Jones, and sophisticated and syncopated as Rickie Lee Jones, Lake Street Dive diva Rachael Price has an undeniably great set of pipes. With any other crew she'd be the whole show, but LSD's nimble upright bass, spare-but-precise percussion, laser-like Stax/Volt guitar and swinging Big Easy brass is easily on par with Price's exemplary instrument. Started when the foursome were students at Boston's New England Conservatory Jazz program, LSD initially demoed the concept of "free country," a brainy mix of Patsy Cline and Ornette Coleman. Fortuitously, a shared love of classic pop came to the forefront, and the group morphed into their present incarnation: An acoustic soul-jazz combo with a fixation on Beatlesque melodies, stirring harmonies, Steely Dan cool and bop-inspired improvisation. Price and company hover fluidly on either side of the beat, but nail it where it counts, effortlessly mastering the tricky art of swing. With sparkling originals and covers like their Louis Jordan style jump jazz update of George Michael's "Faith," LSD make the high-wire act of balancing intricate soul inflections and straight ahead pop look fun, free and easy. $10-$12. April 12, 8 p.m. The Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson St. 704-376-3737.

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