Raleigh roundup: Lobbyist-friendly lawmakers and General Assembly's dope of the week



Decriminalization! GOP's Brawley misses lobbyists' gifts

In North Carolina, it is illegal for state legislators to accept anything of much value from lobbyists. No suits, no trips, no swanky meal, not even a glass of sweet tea. If Rep. Robert Brawley of Mooresville has his way, lobbyists in Raleigh may soon be able to open up their wallets again and let the goodies pour out. Brawley filed legislation this week that would allow lawmakers and their employees to take bribes - I mean gifts - from lobbyists. Thanks to the Progressive Pulse website for the info. If you're interested, click here too see what Brawley wants to cut from the current list of disallowed lobbyist activities.

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General Assembly's Dope of the Week

From the You Couldn't Make This Shit Up files, state Rep. Michele Presnell from the moutain town of Burnsville is all het up about religion in public meetings. She cosponsored a bill that would have allowed North Carolina to establish a state religion had House Speaker Thom Tillis, to his credit, not nixed immediately. Now, Presnell is worried about what Tillis' rejection might mean. She told a constituent that she would not be comfortable with a prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting because - get this - "I do not condone terrorism." Siiighhhh. You know this is going to show up on late-night TV. God save us from these ignorant jerks.

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