One-night-only art show at Hart Witzen



Oh, the power of technology. How it tugs at us with its easy access to a world of possibilities. But sometimes we just need to put away the smartphone and experience the world through our own eyes vs. the Internet (or not). Hart Witzen Gallery's latest shenanigans, Critical Masses: New Dimensions in Assemblage and Sound, urges visitors to bring their smartphones, iPads and iPods, in order to fully experience the art.


Assemblage artist Martin Settle has created 25 works, seven of which will be specifically accompanied by electronic compositions from Don Chamberlain via the Internet to use with your device along with provided listening stations. Settle uses found objects and ideas from science, philosophy, history, and myths to make his artwork intentionally ambiguous. So, come ready to contemplate. Free admission. April 5, 6-10 p.m. Hart Witzen Gallery, 136 E. 36th St. 704-334-1177.