Desert Noises playing the Evening Muse tonight (3/26/13)



Desert Noises

Jangly pop-rockers Desert Noises hail from Provo, Utah, so it's no surprise that their country-infused sound evokes sweeping spaces and open skies. Upbeat yet melancholy, the Utah quartet name checks Tom Petty and the country side of Neil Young, but they reserve the most praise for Australians Tame Impala. Despite a shared penchant for nostalgia, the Utah quartet and the soft psych rockers from Oz seem at first blush dissimilar. While Tame Impala evoke the sun-dappled psychedelia of The Beatles' Revolver, Desert Noises suggest the opiate lushness of The Shins on a Grand Canyon tour. Yet, both bands are retrofitted rather than retro, evoking the past as melancholy presence rather than mere déjà vu. Desert Noises distill their heartfelt appeal on the video for "I Won't See You." The promo clip culls 1940's Super 8 film of a family trip out West, and it's shocking how these captured faces from the past seem so modern and alive. Like their memories, Desert Voices fuse their influences into something organic and relevant. Not since Brit-poppers Mansun has any band been as adept as Desert Noises at evoking the conflicting comfort and existential dread of wide open spaces. With Hollis Brown. $10. March 26, 8 p.m. Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson St. 704-376-3737.

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