Wells Fargo's typo and the death heard 'round the world



Two years ago, Wells Fargo mistakenly sent Larry Delassus a bill for "two years of late property taxes" that, because of a typo, should have gone to his neighbor in Hermosa Beach, Cali. to keep his mortgage afloat.


The repulsive details that followed that typo, explored in a recent L.A. Weekly story, are stomach churning. In December, Delassus, a veteran and "quiet man who suffered from a rare blood-clot disorder," dropped dead in court as his attorney was arguing his negligence and discrimination case against Wells.

The bank admitted its error in September 2010 but still foreclosed on Delassus, who had been ahead of his own mortgage payments until they were wrongfully increased, and sold his condo.

Read the story here.

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