Charlotte among top 10 least-hipster cities in America?



Hold on to your warm PBR cans. According to a real estate blog that took into account, among other factors, young people, dive bars and vegetarian restaurants in the 30 most populous cities in America, Charlotte is the sixth least hipster.

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According to

To create a list of the least hipster cities, we first needed to get inside the mind of your average hipster. We scoured the Internet and swapped stories, and came up with a list of criteria that cities needed to become hipster havens. Once we figured out what these criteria were, we turned our findings on its head.

So, they took into account how much of the following was in a city: young people, walkability, bikeability, vintage stores, dive bars, vegetarian restaurants, artsy jobs and vinyl stores.

Five Texas cities made the top 10, including El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

Read the results here.

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