Boobs to blame for traffic, changes on Lake Norman


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Drivers passing through Lake Norman may have a quicker commute - at the expense of losing one of the city's tourist attractions.

No, you!
  • Nate Davis
  • No, you!

Women who flash their breasts have congregated by the causeway over the lake for years, providing truck drivers with a welcomed distraction, according to Lake Norman News. But the distraction - coupled with rubberneckers vying for a view of the pretty scenery (sans boobs ) - causes traffic to increase on I-77 during the spring and summer.

The N.C. Department of Transportation has come up with a solution:

"We've been working with the Lake Norman Marine Commission to install buoys in the lake around the causeway, which state that boats cannot stop and anchor between the buoys and the causeway," said Timothy Kirk, operations engineer for DOT. "This was done to prevent boats close to the causeway from creating opportunities for drivers on I-77 to rubberneck and take their attention away from the roadway."

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