New management releases statement on Neighborhood Theatre



The new management team that is taking over the Neighborhood Theatre released a statement via Facebook today in regards to the NoDa venue's future. It was announced last month that JEM Entertainment, which has been running the venue for the last decade, would no longer be operating and promoting shows at the location.


The new team, which includes MaxxMusic's Gregg McCraw and the Evening Muse owner Joe Kuhlmann, posted the following today:

Hello Friends of The Neighborhood Theatre ,

We are all excited about what's ahead for the venue, but would like to take a quick pause and thank Zach, JEM, and the entire NT staff for their stewardship of the theatre over the last decade.

That said, we're honored to be the new operator's of The Neighborhood Theatre, and will definitely continue to bring you diversity in program offerings, and hopefully enhance the experience with some new technology, and an up-fit of the space.

Now, we've heard all the rumors that, 1. The theatre is closing forever, 2. That we're greedy corporate invaders, 3. That we're going to ruin the kitsch and charm of the theatre, and that, 4. We are not neighborhood friendly. We're here to spread the word that none of that is true.

1. The theatre will reopen with a bang in late April, just in time for our first big show, The Foals and Surfer Blood, followed later in the week by Paul Thorn.

2. Far from CORPORATE, or invaders from far away, Gregg, Joe, and Ad are local guys who have lived and worked in the Charlotte music, film, and arts communities for over a decade, with strong roots in NoDa.

3. While we are doing some cool changes, like building a bar that can service both rooms, completely cleaning and updating the bathrooms, and adding social space that will allow people to comfortably and unobtrusively chat and fraternize during shows; we understand that the charm of the theatre is in the roots and the history. We are not going to deliver a cookie cutter sterile space, but rather an eclectic space with modern functionality with all the old school charm that was always there.

4. As the new operational team, we want everyone in the neighborhood to know that we still see and plan for the theatre to be a community gathering place. We have all either lived, worked, or played in NoDa for many years, and Joe even sits on the neighborhood board, so please trust that the theatre will remain rooted in the values and aligned with the interests of NoDa.

We are of course excited about the future and hope you are too!

While we will of course not be able to please EVERYONE, we hope that you'll come to see that this effort is for the fans, and to that end, we want to hear from you and welcome all suggestions; and will work very hard to insure that The Neighborhood Theatre thrives and remains a premiere venue for music and arts in Charlotte and the Southeast!

Stay Tuned for more details and updates, and please spread the word about our new FB page, and recruit your friends to LIKE us!

See you soon!

Joe, Gregg, and Ad

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