Paint Fumes singer is hit by a car, suffers multiple injuries



Elijah Von Cramon, singer for the Charlotte garage punk trio Paint Fumes, was struck by a car on Wednesday, Feb. 13. The accident resulted in multiple fractures to his pelvis and shoulder, chipped teeth and a broken femur. He is set to undergo an eight-hour orthopedic surgery today or tomorrow. A benefit show has been announced at Tremont Music Hall on March 16.

Paint Fumes (Elijah Von Cramon on far left)
  • Paint Fumes (Elijah Von Cramon on far left)

Here's what the band posted on its Facebook page last night:
to our fans...
Elijah was hit by a car as he was walking home early Wednesday night. Elijah's sustained various injuries, although the biggest challenge for him is the multiple fractures in his pelvis, chipped teeth, fractured shoulder, broken femur. A 5-10 hour Surgery is likely to occur on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. From all reports, Elijah will be unable to walk for 3 months. Fortunately, Dan (step father) was off of work and was able to get to the hospital as soon as he was notified of the accident and Alix (moher) was able to make it quickly back home from her Jamaica vacation on Friday to be by Elijah's side.
This has been a particularly big blow to Elijah as his band, Paint Fumes, was getting ready to embark on a tour of the US and Europe after the release of their first full length album available on Slovenly.
We will get more details out as they emerge. Alix (mother) specifically asks for your prayers and healing thoughts for Elijah during his surgery and any other time. This will be a long road ahead and they will take it one day at a time along the way.

Stay tuned...
Today preparations for tomorrow's surgery are continuing to be made. We're told that it is the most serious and difficult orthopedic operation there is. Much is being discussed to maximize the chances is success without complications but we all understand that there are risk involved in such an invasive surgery. Discussions also involve Elijah's post op rehabilitation and plans. This is a tense period and efforts are also focused on Elijah's pain management and comfort . Continue the prayers, chants, and meditations during these critical days.

The band added a message from Von Cramon's mother this morning:

"Just got an update and all still moving as planned. However might be an 8 hour operation and will need have sedation after due to post pain.
Jeez this is tearing me up. He has been very brave and really trying to be strong but this is over the top. I know it could have been worse but this is more than I would want anyone to bear especially my Elijah."

Our thoughts go out to Von Cramon for a quick recovery.

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