'Harlem Shake' dance craze goes viral



(UPDATE: The folks at NoDa Brewing Company, Kiss 95.1 and Mellow Mushroom have offered their own versions.)

Maybe it was the onset of boredom after Northerners were snowed in by Nemo last week. Maybe it's just fun. Whatever it is, the viral video craze called the "Harlem Shake" is taking over.

Following in the footsteps of homemade "Gangnam Style" videos and planking photos, the "Harlem Shake" takes music by electronic musician Baauer and combines it with a simple formula: A lone person, usually wearing a helmet or mask, dances to their own beat for 15 seconds while the rest of the room goes about their business as if nothing is happening. When the full beat drops, the entire room explodes into an all-out dance party.

Sugar Society, the people behind the local EDM event Drop it Hard, are planning a "Harlem Shake" video shoot of their own during their event on Feb. 22 at the Neighborhood Theatre.

The original Harlem Shake dance started in N.Y.C. back in 1981 and hit mainstream in 2001. Meanwhile, the latest renditions are going viral worldwide. Here are some of our favorites:

Matt & Kim get an entire arena involved:

NoDa Brewing Company:

Kiss 95.1:

Mellow Mushroom:

Family style:

Scuba style:

T-Pain style:

Bikini style:

Hater style:

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