Forever FC crew keeps getting attention on national hip-hop scene



Ever since Lute dropped his excellent West1996 mixtape last year, the Charlotte rapper's Forever FC crew has continued to get attention outside of the Queen City. The latest example came today, when The Source — one of the longest-lasting hip-hop mags — posted the video for "Queen City Slummin'," featuring Lute and his Forever FC mate Ry over the J. Dilla-produced Pharcyde track, "She Said."

Also today, the newer ComplexMusic posted the clip along with these words of praise:

Lute pays homage to both his lyrical ancestors and his own locale of Charlotte in this gray-scale video for "Queen City Slummin'." Mentions of Twitter and Horton Hears a Who! are the only things that remind you that you're watching this video in 2013, but this tribute to the hip hop old world remains fresh. Lute and Ry are the only people in the video, which lends to the eerie quality of the tour as they drive you through their own streets.

Of course, we already knew of Lute's canny ability to deftly bring ancient to the future in fresh tracks that gently tip a hat to the past. It's just nice seeing others in agreement.

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