Addict alert: Step away from the Facebook


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We knew it. We just knew it! Like french fries, smoking and shooting heroin, social networking is bad for your health.


Think about that when you press on to the link to this new study reported by the UK's Mail Online:

Facebook and other social network sites can cause users to lose control and may lead to violence, obesity and debt.

Browsing for just five minutes on social networks can boost user's self-belief so much that they become more impulsive.

Effects can include an increase in binge-eating, loss of concentration and lack of application, a study showed.

Read the full story at the Mail Online.

Note the irony in the Mail's request at the end of the piece for you to "Share this article" on Facebook, Twitter, yada, yada, yada.

Oh, and you can follow the Mail at @MailOnline on Twitter and DailyMail on Facebook. (And don't forget to follow us at @CL_Charlotte on Twitter and ClClt on Facebook.)

And share this link, dammit, or we'll kick your ass and make you eat 25 pints of Ben & Jerry's! :)


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