CL's 'Five Days of Christmas': Thursday



UPDATE: The winning email came in at 1:09 p.m. Check back tomorrow for the last day of CL's Five days of Christmas. We're giving away an HP Mini, courtesy of Coretek!

For your merriment, Creative Loafing presents its "Five Days of Christmas" giveaway this week. Every day, we will post a five-question quiz. The first person to submit the correct answers by email to will receive a prize. The answers to the questions can be found in our website archives, via stories published within the past six months. The first three days' worth of quizzes were relatively easy, but today they're a little harder - and the prize a little better. On Friday - when the questions will be the most difficult - players will be competing for a brand-new laptop (courtesy of Coretek).

Thursday's Prize: $50 gift card to the sexy store The Reddoor


1) Before he and his wife began designing delicious pastries, this local food dude was an architect who designed beautiful spaces. Who is he?
a. Mills Howell
b. Eduardo Dorta
c. Brent Bagwell
d. Santiago Calatrava

2) CL film critic Matt Brunson's mixed review of Lincoln inspired so much passion among fans of Steven Spielberg's movie about the 16th president that one reader compared them to fans of this young adult phenomenon:
a. The Hunger Games
b. Harry Potter
c. Lord of the Rings
d. Twilight

3) Which Charlotte-area hotspot pumps more than $12 billion into the state's economy?
a. Bank of America Stadium
b. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
c. Charlotte Motor Speedway
d. Bobcats Arena

4) What mode of transportation did CL's "Wayfaring Tech Nomad," Desiree Kane, compare to an orgasm?
a. BMX
b. Motorcycle
c. Train
d. Virtual

5) What's the name of "Everybody Loves Baby" blogger Ailen Arreaza's youngest child?
a. Luki
b. Pau
c. Felipe
d. Ton Ton

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