Barbie visits Women Centered Art



Women aren't the only focus of Women Centered Art's Focused exhibit, but they sure do dominate in both subtle and obvious ways. The gallery's facilitators and curators, Shane Agostinelli and Diana Arvanites, are showcasing the works of six area photographers in a new exhibit that comments on identity, societal roles and common expectations of women, in addition to other female-related topics.

Carolyn DeMeritts
  • Carolyn DeMeritt's "Jim with Barbies"

Carolyn DeMeritt is one of the participating artists. For her piece, "Jim with Barbies," she shot the bare midriff of a man standing with naked Barbie dolls. Should we see this as a commentary on the increasing misogynistic views of how women's bodies should look? Probably.

Image by Jen Crickenberg
  • Image by Jen Crickenberg

Other artists include Jen Crickenberg, Cordelia Williams, Laurie Schorr, Rachel Foley and Molly Wilbanks. Opening reception on Nov. 30, from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Free admission. Exhibit continues through Jan. 11, 2013. Women Centered Art, 711 Pressley Road.

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