Fort Mill man arrested for being the Willy Wonka of drugs



People in Fort Mill sure know how to party.

A deputy with the York County Sheriff's Office stopped 50-year-old Travis John Nelson because his license plate had a tinted cover, according to The Herald. The deputy and another member of the unit's highway team found an open container of vodka in his car and cocaine and $477 on his person and arrested him. They then obtained a search warrant and went through his home. In it they found:


2.5 grams of cocaine
.8 grams of MDMA (what makes Ecstasy Ecstasy)
8.8 grams of mushrooms - and I ain't talkin' button
8 dose units of Xanax
3 grams of marijuana
30 dose units of steroids
20 grams of an unknown white powder

His charges include possession and intent to distribute nearly all of it.

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