College Dems of America president and Charlotte resident Tori Taylor empowers youth



Charlotte resident Tori Taylor, president of College Democrats of America, had this to say about youth: "Do not underestimate us."

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In an editorial for the Huffington Post, Taylor argues that President Obama reached out to young voters in both presidential elections, supporting or passing legislation that catered to them. Without voters ages 18-29, she says, "swings states like Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida would have turned from blue to red." Republicans, take note.

Taylor writes:

The president made a concentrated effort to reach out to youth voters in 2008, and he made our interests a priority during his first four years in office. From giving 3.1 million young people access to health care to increasing funding for Pell grants and focusing on college affordability, President Obama has repeatedly let our generation know that he has our back. We returned the favor on Election Day.

She ends her eloquent editorial with a call for action.

Young Americans know that our country's prosperity does not just depend on the outcome of an election, but on the work we put into creating a solid foundation for our future. This means getting involved at every level, from student government to city council.

Read the full editorial here.

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