Trash-eating worms invade Charlotte



Some cute - and functional - visitors have recently arrived from Georgia.

According to the Charlotte Observer, a half million "red wiggler worms" from the Peach State are now eating trash at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport's recycling center. Aluminum, plastic and cardboard is sorted by people, but the worms get their little hands (do worms have hands?) on yummy things like food, plant matter and trash, such as paper towels. They digest and excrete nitrogen-rich castings that are spread on the airports 6,000 acres, "saving money on fertilizer."

Yummy for my tummy!
  • Yummy for my tummy!

Airport terminal manager Bob Lucas, an electrician, oversees the project:

“We’re feeding them, keeping them happy. We’ve gone through one hatching, and I’d really like to go through one more before we start harvesting.”

Read the story here.

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