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Colors are generally considered to be a pretty self-explanatory, universal concept. From Charlotte to Kazakhstan and Belmont to Beijing — Red is red. Blue is blue. Green is green (excluding language and pronunciation differences, that is). For those endowed with the artistic ability to interpret colors otherwise, Through the Eye of Art: Part 4-Yellow is the pot o' gold under the rainbow.

The exhibit, held tonight (Friday, Nov. 2) at Gil Gallery, is the brainchild of the gallery’s namesake, Colombia-native Edwin Gil. More than 25 artists are expected to take part in the fourth installment of the series that began in February with “Red”. “Blue” and “Green,” followed in the ensuing months.

“Since I have worked with interior designers, I know that every year, the market has different colors,” says Gil. “This year the designers work with certain colors, and next year those colors change. So I had an idea to work with each color and invite the artists to express their meaning of them.”

L-R: Edwin Gil and Franklin Castro
  • L-R: Edwin Gil and Franklin Castro

As a slight departure from other gallery exhibits, Through the Eye of Art features a variety of creative interpretations of the color concept.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to invite different artists and to express the meaning of the colors in two different forms of art,” said singer-songwriter Ana Lucia Divins. “So you’re gonna see visual artists, of course. Then you also have poetry, music, dancing and other kinds of performing arts.”

Divins, who will be performing at the “Yellow” exhibit, sits on the Board of Directors for Gil’s non-profit effort, Gil Project, Inc., and has been a featured artist at each of the previous three shows.

Next year, Gil plans to partner with Mint Museum and Queens University on another series of color-themed events, and he is currently looking for other venues that are interested in participating.

“The artists need different challenges,” said Gil, “And we need to build a different type of community.”

Free admission. Nov. 2, 5 p.m.-9 p.m. Gil Gallery, 109 West Morehead St. 704-375-7232.

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