Champion of the poor, Paul Ryan stops by homeless shelter to wash clean dishes



There’s a problem plaguing the poor in America - I mean besides that they are all just too lazy to work for a living. America’s soup kitchens are just not washing their dishes.


GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is not going to stand for it any longer. Last week, he and his family made a generous 15 minute stop at a homeless shelter in Ohio on their way to the airport. They didn’t serve any food to the homeless or clean up. Nay, those jobs are for losers who have nothing better to do than volunteer hours helping the dirty moochers of society.

Ryan did, however, bravely roll up the sleeves of his suit and wash already clean dishes just as cameras were rolling. If he was trying to demonstrate how effectively he would cut out waste in government, I think he did an excellent job.

The president of the charity, Brian Antal, was not contacted prior to Ryan’s visit and was extremely ungrateful, telling the Washington Post that Ryan “ramrodded” his way into the kitchen. (Ramrodded? Haha, he wishes.) Antal also complained that because the charity is a non-profit organization relying on private donors, using the shelter for this type of political posturing could jeopardize its funding.

Someone should tell Mr. Antal not to worry. Many non-profit churches have been heavily involved in partisan politics for years and they seem to be more financially successful than ever.

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