If Chik-Fil-A proved anything today, it's that dead birds talk



You know how Chik-Fil-A always has the longest line in the food court? Well anyone waiting today wasn't just in it for the golden-fried deliciousness - they were there to make a statement.

As you all know, the fast-food chain's owner recently said some pretty nasty things about gays, mostly that he doesn't support same-sex marriage. Whatever, First Amendment, but what was kind of disturbing was this: the company has been giving money to groups that oppose gay rights. Now, half of America is repulsed by a No. 1 with waffle fries and a Dr. Pepper while the other is upholding dead bird as a symbol of Christian morals.

The latter went to their local Chik-Fil-We-Hate-Gays on Wednesday in droves to "support" the company, causing the Twittersphere to explode with pictures of really attractive people looking super happy in lines that wrapped around the block (I'm only not kidding about the length of the lines).

Fortunately for us, News 14 was on top of it.

I stayed in the office and wept into a Big Mac.

Behold, the mighty chicken!

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