Megafauna attacks Genome



A follow-up to Botanica, Genome's last exhibit themed on plants, Megafauna devotes itself to beastly and mythical creatures. For it, two local artists — Scott Partridge and Erich Moffitt — are showcasing new paintings, prints and sculptures.

Art by Scott Partridge
  • Art by Scott Partridge

Fun fact: Partridge, whose works make use of lines and shapes, designed much of the logos and art inside of Cowfish, a sushi/burger eatery by SouthPark Mall. Moffitt, a frequent see in galleries around NoDa, creates whimsical paintings with bright neon hues. Like something out of a funky children’s book, Moffitt's works are full of details and playful spirits.
Art by Erich Moffitt
  • Art by Erich Moffitt

Opening reception on July 21, from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Exhibit continues through Aug. 23. Genome, 120 Brevard Court. 704-332-4322.

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