Know before you Cinco de Mayo



On the eve of the widely celebrated I'm-So-Drunk-I-Pissed-Myself Day, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo, I thought I'd impart some knowledge on the holiday and exactly how Mexico celebrates.

According to the Huffington Post:

[Cinco de Mayo] is really an American tradition, co-opted by alcohol companies. Few places in Mexico celebrate the day, but it's based on the 1862 Battle of Puebla, when outnumbered Mexican forces defeated the invading French Army. Now, the city where the battle occurred - roughly 80 miles southeast of Mexico City - has launched a marketing campaign, aimed at tapping into America's enthusiasm for the Cinco de Mayo holiday by luring visitors to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the victory.

So there, now you know. Please don't think I'm lecturing or trying to make you feel bad for drinking an entire bottle of tequila. I lost finger-pointing privileges when my mom had to cut me off one Thanksgiving. I'm just glad Mexico's finally taking advantage of us and our money. After years of bastardizing their history, it's the least we owe them.

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The Battle of Puebla

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