Creative Loafing's Dunce of the Week: Alex Wiles


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The way I see it, there are two types of gun users: people who just like shootin' shit and homicidal maniacs. The difference is simple to understand. Some people use beer cans as target practice; others use people.

There are, of course, special gems who embody both.

Alex Wiles of Kannapolis recently uploaded a YouTube video of him shooting an anti-Amendment One sign some trickster put in his yard. Buddy boy must have gotten a little gun shy because the video has since been removed. Fortunately the Internet is written in pen, not pencil, so a YouTuber found and re-posted the video, according to Gawker. (Yes, this made national headlines.)

I hope what you did made you feel like a man, Alex. Clearly you needed a reminder.

You can't comment on the YouTube video, but feel free to Facebook message Wiles your thoughts.


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