Obama avoids Amendment One in Chapel Hill



President Obama came to Chapel Hill on Tuesday as part of a nationwide tour to promote lower interest rates on student loans. While I commend the president for taking on such an important issue, I'm a little nonplussed that he didn't mention Amendment One - even in passing.

Amy Gardner of The Washington Post shares in the frustration. She writes:

His delicate sidestep of Amendment One, a ballot initiative to be decided May 8 that would recognize marriage between a man and a woman as the only legal domestic partnership in North Carolina, is seen by some as another sign that he is not fully committed to gay rights - an interpretation that could dampen the enthusiasm of the young voters he is trying to court.

She brings up a good point about constituents:

The issue is particularly complicated in historically conservative North Carolina. Obama scraped together a razor-thin victory there four years ago with a multicultural coalition that included independents, African Americans and Hispanics - constituencies that are less uniformly enthusiastic about expanding gay rights than campus activists.

Read the full column here.

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