Clad in creativity



Fashion can be a tricky slope to tackle. The trends are constantly in flux, so it's hard to keep up, let alone avoid a clothing mishap. That's not to say that a little creativity can't go a long way though. At Charlotte Seen's Passport For Fashion, top-notch designers in the Charlotte area and artists with a knack for turning recycled goods into outfits debut their latest couture pieces on the runway. Even though most of us would never be brave enough to sport items like tin foil or milk cartons on our bod, we're certainly intrigued by any alternative, eco-friendly usage.


Now, let's talk about what should be in our closets for spring/summer - because that's what's really important. $25-$35. April 21, 7 p.m. Reelworks Studio, 817 Hamliton St. For more information, visit

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