Charlotte's bishop takes lights, camera, action against gay marriage



The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a video Wednesday of Charlotte Bishop Peter J. Jugis explaining why the church supports Amendment One.

If passed in May, the amendment would constitutionally define marriage as a union between one man and one woman and make that type of union the only domestic legal union recognized by the state.

A bishop speaking out against gay marriage. What a novel idea.

What is interesting, however, is that the Catholic Church feels the need to support the amendment. Gay marriage is already illegal in North Carolina, so why throw more weight behind the issue? Because, Jugis explains in the video, it's just another opportunity for the church to defend one of its principles. Fair enough. Let's see how Jugis answers some of my other questions.

He spends the first few minutes explaining that marriage, according to the church, exists for two reasons: spousal love and procreation. In the last few minutes, Jugis addresses any of the heretics who think the church is homophobic by reminding them that Christians are taught to look upon everyone, even homosexuals, with compassion and respect. Says Jugis:

"In light of our belief in the inherent dignity of every person, without exception, individuals and society must respect those with a homosexual orientation. Respect, compassion and understanding are the only legitimate actions we can take as Christian people."

Perhaps Jugis didn't realize that this amendment not only further bans gay marriage; it also restricts any level of state government from giving or continuing to give unmarried couples of any sexual orientation certain protections, which are already available in cities like Chapel Hill and Durham. Perhaps he'll come to his senses when he's giving last rites to a dying heterosexual Catholic who couldn't afford health insurance that could have saved his or her life.

But back to procreation and love. If marriage exists for those two reasons, but the church doesn't recognize gay marriage, Jugis is essentially saying gay people don't have the ability to love or bring children, in whatever way possible, into the world. Using that same reasoning, I assume the church wouldn't recognize a married couple that's unable to birth their own children. Should he address them in a video, too? Should he make another video telling gay people they aren't supposed to love each other since his church doesn't recognize their love? But I thought thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself?

I guess only if thy neighbor is as straight as thyself.

  • His holiness would approve.

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