Wake-up call



A new study has found the HIV/AIDS infection rate in African American women and Latinas is as high in some parts of the U.S. as it is in sub-Saharan Africa. The Raleigh/Durham metro area is one of those places, according to the Examiner.

The study participants were 2099 African American and Latin women, with ages that ranged from 18 to 44, who previously had not tested positive for HIV. When the study participants were selected, 32 new participants were found to be HIV positive, but completely unaware of their infection. Of the women who participated in the study, 12% were Latin and 88% were African American. After the first year of the study, 0.24% of the women had positive test results, which is five times higher than the Center for Disease Control's previous findings estimates in African American Women.

That a North Carolina city was named shows a need to spread awareness and education in this state. Medical breakthroughs and groundbreaking research, some even coming out of the Tar Heel state, have dramatically improved prevention and treatment. Charlotte wasn't on the list, and let's make sure to keep it that way. Get tested at your doctor or a health care provider, such as Planned Parenthood.

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