Blacklight exhibit at Genome




In order to reflect the diverse elements of their latest paintings and installations, local artist Nick Bloomberg (see his pictured painting above) and Washington DC-based Katie Schuler have dipped their brushes into the psychedelic base of blacklight paints. The exhibit — opening with a reception this evening (March 3) at 6 p.m. — carries the scientific title of Lux Operon and a complex description says it "stems from the fragment of the Vibrio fischeri genome that controls bioluminescence found in nature". (Don't worry if that just went over your head, because it did for us too.) Bloomberg, who believes music is the epitome of art, produces his rhythmic-inspired abstract works by listening to music and, better yet, by attending live concerts where he's armed with his canvas. Schuler on the other hand, has a story on her mind. Her "DeepSea Jamboree" series tells the narrative of two whimsical water creatures (see her pictured painting below). Genome, 120 Brevard Court. 704-332-4322.


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