Approval of N.C. legislature sinks to 16 percent, could drag down McCrory



Pat McCrory may appear to be sitting pretty in the N.C. gubernatorial race, considering that the governor he wanted to oust, Bev Perdue, decided not to run for re-election. The former Charlotte mayor should still be considered the favorite at this point, if only for his name recognition and big ol’ chest of corporate money. But one of McCrory’s “strengths” could come back to bite him.

McCrory has moved way to the right in order to win support from the Tea Partiers who hijacked his party. That includes giving his full support to the radical legislative agenda that was steamrolled through the General Assembly by the GOP majority. As shown in a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, if McCrory is seen as too closely linked to the GOP majority in Raleigh, it could seriously hurt his campaign.

The PPP survey revealed that only 16 percent of likely voters in N.C. approve of the General Assembly, and were particularly turned off by the midnight session shenanigans of Speaker Thom Tillis & Co. last month. If the Democratic nominee for governor, whoever that will be, can successfully saddle McCrory with the legislature’s unpopular actions, everything will be up for grabs. As Gerrick Brenner, the director of PPP’s parent organization, explained, "The NC General Assembly is just about as unpopular as Congress — and that's really saying something."

Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory: What, me smug?
  • Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory: What, me smug?

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