Backtrack before next Back Alley offering



A scene from the first Elite Squad

By Matt Brunson

Anyone interested in catching the Back Alley Film Series' screening of Elite Squad: The Enemy Within would be well-advised to spend the remaining time before then hunting down and watching its predecessor, 2007's Elite Squad. While it's not imperative to see the first film in order to enjoy the second, it is recommended, as it focuses on several characters who return for the follow-up. Beyond that, it's simply an excellent film — even better than its sequel — and it's a shame it didn't receive any sort of a proper release here in the States (surprisingly so, since writer-director José Padilha previously helmed the riveting documentary Bus 174 while co-writer Braulio Mantovani penned the Oscar-nominated script for City of God).

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 9 at Crownpoint Cinemas, 9630 Monroe Road. Admission is $8. Go here for more info.

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