Fight marriage discrimination amendment at free photo shoot



A variety of groups that want North Carolinians to reject the Marriage Discrimination amendment in the May 2012 election are getting organized. One group, the Vote Against Project, is giving everyone who’s against the amendment a good way to take a public stand. The Vote Against Project makes its way to Charlotte on Feb. 3.

Raleigh photographer Curtis Brown organized Vote Against after becoming incensed by the harm the anti-marriage amendment's ill-conceived blast of bias would cause many couples and families in North Carolina. Brown and a crew of volunteers have kicked off a tour of the state, hoping to put together a portrait of North Carolinians who stand unified in opposition to discrimination. They are conducting free photo shoots of amendment foes, all of whom will wear shirts (provided by the group) that read “Vote Against.” The images will be posted online and no doubt shared on websites of other progressive groups and individuals. Participants are urged to share their images with everyone they know.

The time and place of the Vote Against stop in Charlotte has not been announced, but will be soon. So make plans now: Just show up, slip on the shirt, have your free picture taken, and — voila — instant activism. Strike a pose and strike a blow against mud-stupid, fearful prejudice.

Keep track of the project here, and check the CL news blog, where we’ll be posting the Charlotte location and time when we find out. Meanwhile, here’s a video explaining the whole thing:

The Vote Against Project - Welcome! from Vote Against Project on Vimeo.

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