Weekender, Jan. 6-8



Check out these events going down in Charlotte and the surrounding area this weekend— as selected by the folks at Creative Loafing.

Friday, Jan. 6
Sumo Wrestling
Hartigan's Irish Pub
Traditional sumo wrestling is heavily (pun intended) regimented. They’re expected to wake up early for training, skip breakfast and fill up on large portions of grub late in the day (you know, when they’re starving), wash it down with beer, and go to sleep afterward. Sounds a little like the holidays, right? For those who think they have what it takes, Hartigan’s Irish Pub is hosting its own Sumo Wrestling night. All of it is amateur, meaning anyone brave enough for the pushing and pulling (remember: no striking with fists, choking, kicking, pulling hair or banging around the loincloth) can participate. Special padded suits add extra protection and bulk, making the matches a bit more fair.

Arts "I'm interested in memory and how we use it to create the stories of ourselves — our personal myths," shares artist Johan Hagaman. In his current exhibit at Hidell Brooks Gallery — opening with a reception tonight — mixed media works line the walls. Hagaman is heavily influenced by literature and its concepts of visual narratives, metaphors and symbols, all of have a way of creeping into his creations. More...

Music When Justin Robinson left the Carolina Chocolate Drops earlier this year, it certainly made waves. You’d be hard-pressed to find many artists willing to walk away from a Grammy Award-winning band the year they won it. Then again, having an all Black, old-time string band was a rarity to begin with. Robinson’s new project features he and the Mary Annette’s, a group of multi-instrumentalists, combining what he’s done in the past with their own background of musical experiences. Performing tonight at The Evening Muse. More...

Saturday, Jan. 7
All the President's Men
ImagineOn's Wells Fargo Playhouse
Here’s some cinematic news worthy of above-the-fold headlines: The Main Library’s latest film series kicks off this week, and it’s a grabber. At a point when the printed page continues to lose ground to the Internet, “Extra! Extra!”: Celebrating the Newspaper Picture focuses on movies showcasing various noble (and some not-so-noble) members of the Fourth Estate. The line-up starts with 1976’s All the President’s Men, the superb dramatization of how brash Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) stuck to their guns despite testy opposition and eventually blew open the Watergate scandal that toppled the presidency of Richard Nixon. All told, the series will include nine films shown through early April.

Art The Mint Museum Uptown's Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections exhinit is coming to a close this weekend, which means you'd better skedaddle on over if you want to see it in the Q.C. (It's next stop is at the Tampa Museum of Art in Florida). In light of the predicted rush of last minute viewers, a free (Hooray!) Community Homecoming Weekend — featuring workshops, music, spoken word and other activities — is slated for this Saturday and Sunday to correlate with the exhibit finale. More...

Nightlife The dark just got darker, as Single Cell Productions combines its Alloy shindig with a Bloodsuckers Bash to celebrate the upcoming release of Underworld Awakening (number four in the bloody series). Folks are encouraged to dress in their vampire and werewolf best (Woo hoo! Screw waiting for Halloween!) for a costume contest with the chance to win a movie prize pack — comprised of a T-shirt, DVD box set of all three previously released Underworld films, a blood energy drink and poster. Other freebies will be handed out throughout the night, which DJ Torch dominates by spinning a mix of electronic thrillers. Vendors and artists, such as Taylors Jewelz and the talented photographer Justin Kates, have their art on display and available for purchase. More...

Sunday, Jan. 8
Ovens Auditorium
Memphis delivers a sacramental celebration of rock and doo-wop and it introduces a 24-carat American original in the character of Huey Phillips, a boy struggling to put black music on white mainstream radio and TV. Add in the smokin’ hot songstress Felicia and her entourage of spirited singers and dancers and you’re rolling in the new year right.

Food Looking for a way to spice up your weekend? Moroccan tagines ought to do the trick. Try the tasty treats and other curry delights at Casablanca Café. More...

Comedy Finally a comedy show you can take the whole family to without having to worry about any vulgar material. Local improve troupe Charlotte Comedy Theater offers its Family Friendly Show where audience interaction and suggestions are encouraged. More...

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