Group behind anti-gay amendment push is the same old bunch of hateful nuts



Charlotte publication QNotes has published an expose of some of the hateful nutcases comprising the Vote for Marriage NC committee, which plans to push for voter approval of the anti-gay amendment in May 2012.

The amendment Vote for Marriage NC is pushing would ban marriages or civil unions for same-sex couples, and although still in dispute, it would most likely invalidate domestic partnership arrangements for everyone, heterosexual or homosexual. As the committee leader, Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the so-called NC Values Coalition, has promised to run a “positive" campaign. It's unclear exactly what she means by "positive."

The Qnotes story points out that the main force pushing the amendment is the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), known for making fierce attacks against gays, mostly consisting of innuendo, insults and outright lies. Some examples: Gay men are pedophiles; the battle for gay rights is actually a “jihad” to take away anti-gay people’s rights (reminiscent of the same kind of far-fetched claims made during the civil rights movement); and legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to kindergarteners learning all about same-sex relationships.

I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the story for yourself. It’s an eye-opener and well worth your time if you’re concerned at all about justice in North Carolina, or just want to know who's working behind the scenes to deny rights to same-sex couples.

National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown
  • National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown

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