Jennifer Roberts denies plan to run for N.C. Sen. Dan Clodfelter's seat



At least two local politicians — Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James and another who requested anonymity — are saying they’ve heard Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts plans to run for State Sen. Dan Clodfelter’s seat next year. Roberts flatly denies the rumor, saying she has no definite plans for 2012, although she added, “If Senator Clodfelter were to step down, I would have to look at this opportunity.” Clodfelter could not be reached to comment on whether he plans to step down.

Roberts announced yesterday that she will leave her post on the county commission in 2012 at the end of her term. With some exceptions — mostly related to letting County King, er, Manager Harry Jones do whatever the hell he wanted — Roberts has served well as commission chair, particularly in light of how cantankerous the current batch of commissioners has been during her tenure, and especially considering that two or three of the commission’s members aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts
  • County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts

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