CPCC goes geek chic



Cursing the latest hack job that's brought your computer to a halt?

Curious about putting your social media profiles to productive use?

If you could be any superhero, would you want to be a PowerPoint wizard?

If these types of questions pop up in your internal monologue, then THE Geek Fest is the place for you.


Now in its 8th year, The Geek Fest 2011 (TGF2011) is a free community event highlighting emerging technology, industry, career opportunities, startups and innovators. It's an eclectic celebration of the “geek” in everyone. And it happens today.

The main draw of the day will be the 39 conference-style presentations and topic sessions, covering everything from “mobile development and animation to social media and education.” For those looking to experience the more entertaining pleasures technology offers, a Halo Reach death match tournament will also be taking place, during which top-placing participants can win a VIBRAS Five.One headset by Track Scan.

TGF2011 is a locally-spun effort: the event's website proudly boasts that “in addition to showcasing many of CPCC’s programs, technologies, and resources, the festival features innovative regional and national businesses and their contributions to new technologies and the hottest fashions and styles.”

TGF2011 is being held at CPCC' Levine campus. Sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and last about an hour with 15 minute breaks between. Limited seating. Email [email protected] of tweet @thegeekfest if you have any questions.

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