Murky politics: Republican city councilman uses his Democratic ties to tout GOP candidates


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Tomorrow is election day and it wouldn't be Charlotte if someone wasn't pulling at least one "dirty" trick.

Taylor Batten of The Charlotte Observer reported today that City Councilman Andy Dulin is calling voters in Districts 3 and 5 touting Republican city council hopefuls — but not mentioning his own GOP affiliation.

Dulin never said the candidates are Republicans, never said he is a Republican, and instead identified himself as a member of the Democratic National Convention host committee.

He is that, as organizers named some Republicans to the host committee. But he's a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. Some Democrats might have assumed that, as a member of the DNC host committee, Dulin is a Democrat and that they might share his opinions.

A number of readers have contacted the Observer, suggesting that Dulin was misleading voters. At least one suggested that Dulin should be removed from the host committee for using his position to confuse Democratic voters. Dulin said is hearing from upset voters as well.

But he says he has nothing to be ashamed of.

"I don't think I was deceitful. I never said anything that wasn't true," Dulin told the Observer editorial board today.

Can you really blame Dulin? Or should we point the finger at the people on the other end of the call? If they're staunch Democrats, shouldn't they already know Dulin's political party? After all, he's been on the council since 2005.

On the other hand, Dulin's slick use of the truth is questionable. Obviously calls help get people elected in local elections. Dialing up a bunch of Democrats talking about your work with the Democratic National Convention is disingenuous at best.


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