Would you take a few dinars for that iPhone4?



A 37-year-old bail bondsman knows two things for sure: a wad of Iraqi dinars and Syrian pounds doesn't come close to the number of American dollars you'd pay for an iPhone4.

Final offer: This many dinars.
  • Final offer: This many dinars.
Too bad he'd given up his phone before finding out. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say the man wanted to sell his phone and decided to put it on Craigslist. He met with a buyer Monday at a gas station on University City Boulevard — because all reputable business exchanges happen in parking lots these days.

The buyer handed over foreign cash, which turned out to be much less than the agreed-upon 700 American dollars. But before the victim could protest — ZOOM, the suspect sped out of the parking lot.

Two lessons here (actually three): be careful whom you do business with on Craigslist; if you're meeting them in a parking lot, always block them in with your car; and... um, don't be asking $700 for something someone can buy on the Apple site for as little as $99.

Current conversion rates:
50 Syrian Pound =$1 USD
5,000 Iraqi Dinar=$4.27 USD (Source Yahoo! Finance)

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