Job-creatin’ N.C. lawmakers cause highest September job losses in nation



The next time you hear someone say that the N.C. Legislature’s drastic budget cuts will lead to more job creation, you have my permission to hit them in the face with a pie. Why? Unemployment figures for September were released the other day and — wouldn’t you know it? — North Carolina lost 22,000 jobs, which is more for that month than any other state.

What’s more, the majority of those lost jobs —- 13,700 — were in government, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as analyzed by Wayne Faulkner of the Wilmington Star-News. Those jobs ended as a result of state budget cuts that either terminated state employees or forced local governments dependent on the state to cut their payrolls.

In case you’re wondering, half of all states reported declines in their jobless rates in September.

Welcome to North Carolina!
  • Welcome to North Carolina!

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