NoDa in the (White) House



The Charlotte Observer is reporting that our little piece of France, Amelie's has been invited to the White House. Not just to share salted caramel brownies, though.

One of the owners of Amelie’s French Bakery in Charlotte has been invited to the White House next month. Basically, the Obama administration wants to know why Amelie’s is thriving when so many other businesses are struggling.

Lynn St. Laurent, one of the owners, says it began after she and other women from Charlotte got together to talk about the businesses they run. Mayor Anthony Foxx noticed. After that, she started getting calls from the Obama administration. The White House wanted to know more about her and Amelie’s.

The bakery could be credited with turning NoDa into a hotter spot in the city. With the bakery being open 24-hours and everyone from residents of the area to semi-sober party-goers hanging out there after last call, it's an amazing place to study the human condition.

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