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  • Paulina Clemente

Energy consumption is dropping. Yeah for us! Yeah for manufacturers who are getting on board the energy-efficiency bandwagon! Yeah for everyone — everyone, that is, except for energy companies like Charlotte's darling, Duke Energy.

Not that this is shocking news for Duke. At last week's merger hearing, the company's CEO, Jim Rogers, admitted that conservation (i.e. energy efficiency) is good for everyone — except his company's bottom line. Enter the rate hikes.


A new age of energy efficiency is just beginning, according to a pair of economists. As a result, electricity consumption in the U.S. will drop between 5 and 15 percent by the year 2020.

No, this isn't because the tumbling stock market or a looming energy crisis will compel us to turn off the lights and don sweaters, but because consumers, utilities and manufacturers are becoming more conscious about saving energy.

The findings are to be reported in a paper by economists Ahmad Faruqui and Doug Mitarotonda with The Brattle Group, a consulting firm. A preview of the paper was shared with Smart Grid News.

The paper includes a survey with 50 experts spread across academia, government and industry, which is where the up-to-15-percent drop by 2020 is predicted.

The reason for the drop, according to the economists, is an era of energy efficiency called iDSM, or integrated demand-side management.

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