Gay journalist and anti-gay militant to debate at 4:30 today on Charlotte radio station WBT



On the heels of the General Assembly putting a constitutional anti-same sex marriage amendment on the 2012 primary ballot, two of the city’s foremost advocates for and against lesbian-gay-bi-transgender (LGBT) rights will have it out today on WBT radio.

Matt Comer, the editor of Qnotes, a Charlotte LGBT newspaper, will square off against Charlotte anti-gay activist Dr. Michael Brown on the topic, “What’s Wrong With Homosexuality?” at 4:30 p.m. today as part of Vince Coakley’s show on WBT 1110AM. Comer has been an avid critic of Brown, who leads a local anti-gay group called Coalition of Conscience. Brown is affiliated with Lou Engle of the group The Call, which has made news by supporting efforts in Uganda to sentence gays to lengthy prison terms or, in many cases, capital punishment.

This should make for an entertaining debate on one of the hottest and most important human rights issues of our time.


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