Sue Myrick: terror-stricken, as usual



Sorry, but I had to chuckle when I heard that Rep. Sue Myrick canceled her 9/11 appearances yesterday. The perennially frightened-by-something-or-other congresswoman said she had been warned by “intelligence sources” that her name was on a published article listing people the Iranian government says are working against it. Myrick said the article in question implied that the listed persons should be harmed, so she canceled her four planned public appearances Sunday in Gaston County and Charlotte.

So much for standing up to the terrorists and showing them we’re not going to live in fear.

  • Aaaaiiiiieeeeeee!
As regular readers know, Myrick has been hard at work, seeing Islamist terrorists under every bed and behind every lamppost ever since she snagged a spot on the House Intelligence Committee. Myrick has repeatedly said that because of her committee position, she is aware of many Islamist terrorist threats the public never hears about. As I’ve pointed out before, other, more senior members of the Intelligence Committee have seen the same documents Myrick has viewed, and you don't see them getting all bug-eyed and trying to scare the daylights out of the public.

These 9/11 cancellations could be Myrick’s fearful coup de grace, the ultimate display of her constant brooding, dark anxiety. Too often in her career, Myrick has seemed to almost need to be riled up or panicky about something. During her City Council days, it was teenagers being ruined by "Satanic" heavy metal. When it wasn't Satanic music, it was the evil of massive traffic problems in south Charlotte (don’t laugh, that’s how she won the mayor’s race). If it wasn't traffic, it was coffee pots talking to her. If it wasn't Mr. Coffee, it was illegal immigrants wrecking American culture. When it wasn't illegal immigrants, it was Hezbollah agents crossing the border into the U.S. from Mexico. And now she's become such an important part of the fight against Islamist terror, she’s a target herself.

The sad thing is that Sue no doubt believes she’s that important. The sadder thing is that she no doubt finds that satisfying. After all, as she was quoted in today’s Observer story by Tim Funk: "'I live with threats every day; that's my life,' said Myrick, who said she even wore a bullet-proof vest during her time as Charlotte mayor." That's her life?! A bullet-proof vest as mayor of Charlotte?! Sounds like it’s way past time for Sue to reconsider her now 16-year-old pledge to limit her time in Congress to four years.

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