Kentucky government pours money into creationism theme park


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Here’s one of those stories that renders you unable to decide whether to laugh or cry. I’ll be brief, and provide a link to the full story here. The short version is that the state of Kentucky is now in the Creationism Theme Park business. No, I’m not kidding. Two months ago, Kentucky gave a $43 million tax break to Ark Encounter, a Bible-themed, creationism-peddling amusement park being built outside Williamston, Ken. Besides mixing church and state, the deal also spends lots of taxpayer money to promote a theological fantasy denying evolution — in the 21st century. Now, the Kentucky state government (any need to mention which party is in charge?), is piling on the goodies for NoahWorld by giving the theme park a 75-percent property tax discount over the next 30 years.

The theme park includes a huge replica of Noah’s Ark complete with ... wait for it ... dinosaurs inside! Creationists believe dinosaurs co-existed with early humans, sort of like Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their pet, Dino.

As ThinkProgress reminds us, these tax breaks for a fundamentalist theme park are coming at a time when Kentucky’s citizens are coping with eight rounds of state budget cuts over the past three years. And the coup de grace? The company building the theme park says it doesn’t need the incentives.

Creationist theme park, with Noahs Ark
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  • Creationist theme park, with Noah's Ark


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