Best bets in Charlotte comedy, July 25-Aug. 1



As the headline suggests, here are a few of the best places to find comedy events in Charlotte — from stand-up to improv to sketch comedy and more. For a complete listing of all comedy visit

Monday, July 25

Sin City Open Mic at 9:30 p.m. (Comedians sign-up at 9:15 p.m.)

What happens at open mic stays at open mic (well, at least until someone tweets it).  No holds barred comedy in the heart of NoDa. With hostess Blayr Nias.

Sin City ~ 3205 N. Davidson St., Charlotte ~ Free

Tuesday, July 26

Taboo Tuesday Open Mic at 9:30 p.m. (Comedians sign-up at 9 p.m.)

The way open mic was meant to be with no language or content restrictions.  Every comedian who signs up goes up for five minutes. Hosted by Burpie.

Crown Station Pub ~ 1425 Elizabeth St., Charlotte ~ $2

Wednesday, July 27

Kenny Smith at 8 p.m.

Young, fresh, loaded with energy, & just a lot of fun to be around, Kenny Smith is a guy who knows how to stir things up & keep audiences roaring with laughter.  Heard on the Bob & Tom Show.  Arrive at 7:00 PM for a very special bonus show, The Main Stage Showcase.

The Comedy Zone Charlotte ~ 900 Seaboard St., Charlotte ~ $10-$15

Thursday, July 28-Saturday, July 30

Jackass' Steve-O: Entirely Too Much Information Tour

Steve-O became a household name when he snatched a video camera from his fathers closet when he was 15 years old. From there he started producing homemade skateboarding videos featuring dangerous stunts mixed with comical behavior. See what stunts he pulls on stage.

The Comedy Zone Charlotte ~ 900 Seaboard St., Charlotte ~ $25-$30

Thursday, July 28

Open Mic Night at 9:30 p.m.

The mic opens up for everybody, so invite your friends out to watch you take the stage for your five minutes in the spotlight. Hosted by Chris Corrado.  Sign-up at 9:15 p.m.

The Comedy Zone Fort Mill ~ 900 Crossroads Plaza, Fort Mill ~ Free

Friday, July 29

Todd Yohn 8 p.m. & 10:15 p.m.

For over 20 years Todd Yohn's high energy, non-stop act has blended stand-up, improv, and music into one deliciously stimulating show.  You'll love the best bar comic in the country.

The Comedy Zone Fort Mill ~ 900 Crossroads Plaza, Fort Mill ~ $10

Saturday, July 30

Sketch Comedy from The Dysfunctional Figurines at 8 p.m. & 10:15 p.m.

Meet the bastard children of SNL, South Park and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  A group of local actors who have written and created an evening of sketchy sketch comedy that's at once smart and silly.

Carolina Actors Studio Theatre ~ 2424 N. Davidson St., Charlotte ~ $13

Sunday, July 31

Improv Comedy by Charlotte Comedy Theater at 5 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Competitive short form improv where Charlotte's top improvisers compete against one another for your affection. Lots of audience participation. Family friendly show at 5 p.m. and R-rated show at 7 p.m.

The Comedy Zone Charlotte ~ 900 Seaboard St., Charlotte ~ $5-$10

Monday, Aug. 1

Special Sin Show with Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy at 9 p.m.

Come all ye waiters and waitresses and join us for a Monday filled with drinking and laughter. And don't worry about bringing a pay stub, we trust you.  Rated R for mature content.

The Mill ~ 3306A N. Davidson St., Charlotte ~ $5 cash at the door

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