GOP leader has to use Star Wars analogies to explain debt ceiling to new Tea Party congressmen



You don’t have to read too far between the lines of a weekend news story to figure out that the GOP leadership in D.C. sees its freshman class of Tea Partiers is a collection of dumbasses. Kathleen Hennessey and Lisa Mascaro of the Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend about a new, very revealing development in the debt ceiling uproar. You might even say it's kind of hilarious. It seems that once it became clear that the GOP would have to compromise to some degree on the debt ceiling, House Speaker John Boehner enlisted the help of Tea Party fave Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republicans’ supposed “budget expert” ("expertise" being apparently rated by how much your proposals horrify the general public, as per Ryan’s Medicare vouchers plan). Ryan’s assignment was to explain to the Tea Partiers that, well, you see, this debt ceiling thing is for real, and not raising it would be really, really bad for America. Apparently not content with the complexity of Ryan’s explanation, the doofs  still balked, until ... here’s the beauty part ... Ryan explained it to them in terms of Star Wars. And then they finally got it. God help us.

How ignorant are these people? One quick answer is that Reps. Virginia “healthcare reform = terrorism” Foxx, and Louie “illegal immigrant terrorist babies” Gohmert are among the sharper members of the club. Seriously, how can you be in friggin’ Congress and not know such basic stuff as "defaulting on the national debt would be catastrophic." How do these half-wits — who have to have issues reduced to the simplicity of a science-fiction movie before they can understand what’s going on — get elected in the first place? Actually, it’s easy: just use a combination of sucking up to rich contributors, keeping constituents as ill-educated as the candidate, and repeating a few bumpersticker slogans in the campaign speeches — that should get the job done. Hey, it works for Cherryville’s Patrick McHenry and the new Queen of Stupid, Rep. Renee Ellmers from the Triangle.

Rep. Paul Ryan, in costume for his explanation of the debt ceiling
  • Rep. Paul Ryan, in costume for his explanation of the debt ceiling

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