U.S. Murdoch investigations MUST include Fox News



Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media pirate who is in the process of being cut down to size by the British, may have trouble brewing in the U.S., too. As the New York Times reports, concern over Murdoch’s News Corporation’s appalling ethics “has crossed the ocean.” At least six members of Congress this week have called for investigations of possible misconduct by Murdoch papers in America, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. News Corporation is based in the U.S., and thus their British papers’ tactics of paying police for information violates the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Beyond that one issue, however, Congress should include Fox News, Murdoch’s most financially successful U.S. operation and one that is already infamous for distorting the function of a normal news-gathering organization into an unofficial-in-name-only mouthpiece for the Republican Party. Fox News, by the way, has been making news of its own for its sparse-to-nonexistent coverage of Murdoch’s massive problems in Great Britain. Some of Fox’s panelists were even caught off-camera talking about deliberately avoiding the issue. Yeah, that’s a legitimate news organization, all right, and not a front for right-wing propaganda. It seems obvious, but any congressional investigation of News Corporation has to include Fox News.

Arrrgghhh! It's Rupert Murdoch, famed media pirate.
  • Arrrgghhh! It's Rupert Murdoch, famed media pirate.

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